Undertale fan game Update progress + New Songs

2017-02-03 19:35:07 by Poosac

Hi guys, I finished 9 songs for my new game :0. took me a long time (4-5 months) I'm still programming and  making art for the game, It's 50% done, but I think the programming won't last that long (I hope)

Here are the song names just to tease :p

  1. - Man 'O man
  2. - What a world
  3. - My cat named Choco
  4. - Scifi tensity
  5. - Primum Conatus
  6. - Dominique's Robot Neighbour
  7. - Lonely travel (Cute version)
  8. - Spooky Cookie
  9. - Final level (Redux) Already released lol

wow so many tracks, holy f*cking shitt.

Well, yeah. I've been working on this game for 6-7 months, I've put my heart and soul into this ;( But seriously, I'm really passionate about this project. Oh btw, when this game is released i'm gonna remake the song Dominique's Robot Neighbour :o  

here is a quick teaser of the game :) 5218095_148616780493_Capture.png


*note: The game can change drastically so don't get used to this shit... :D


Here is my patreon :o

Here :D




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